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Pattern Recognition

What I Think About Things

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T. Rev
I am a temporarily retired--i.e., voluntarily unemployed--mathematician, and occasionally suffer from bouts of writing. I am disagreeable yet boring.

On So-Called 'Friends'

If I 'friend' you, it doesn't mean you are my friend. You are certainly not obligated to friend me back, and likely shouldn't.

What a Big Jerk

Well, I'm not comfortable with the way livejournal lumps together 'friends' with 'people I want to read'. If I read your journal, it's because I find your journal interesting.

On the Other Hand

This is not a 'Friends-Only' journal; I lock posts very rarely. You don't need to be on my friendslist to read it.

This journal is strictly devoted to things I find interesting, and things I want to remember. If you also find this journal interesting, feel free to friend me. If you friend me, I may or may not friend you back; this has nothing to do with whether I like you or not. See above.

What the Hell People

Postmodernism: The Drinking Game™, including the first four appended comments, is the secret key to understanding this journal.


If you write the word 'friend' enough times, it starts to look like it's spelled wrong.

"...a genius, and king of the internet." -- negative_slant


are you really that impressed with your own cleverness

someone has to be, I guess" -- winterfox

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